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The first dance sets off the party, so why not think about having something a bit different lined up beyond the ‘two-step sway’?

We’ve taken our time carefully selecting the playlist for your big day that will keep your guests on the dancefloor for hours after your first dance has kicked off the evening reception. Your guests have been blown away by the stunning wedding dress, the perfect ceremony, beautiful venue, the delicious wedding breakfast. If you’re going to nail the detail in these wedding day staple components, many couples are now also looking towards having something special lined up to surprise their guests for the first dance to keep the surprises and entertainment rolling. Have you ever heard someone say ‘I saw a beautiful first dance at John and Suzie’s wedding – they’d had first dance lessons and specifically choreographed for them and it looked gorgeous’ – it was clear John and Suzie had lessons – and THAT is what stands out in their mind about that wedding forever more.

You might have some of your guests only arrive for the evening reception, ready to celebrate your newlywed status with you too, and get a taste of the careful attention to detail you might have made during the planning process. What can you do to give them memories to take away and tell you for years to come that was the best evening reception they’ve ever been to. Ok, I’m looking at many possible scenarios here, but hope you see where I’m coming from.

The first dance sets off the party, so why not think about having something a bit different lined up beyond the ‘two-step sway’?

The Love of Dance has choreographed the first wedding dances for couples for over ten years. Founder, Alison says: I empower wedding planning couples to feel great and rise to the occasion when they step onto the dance floor in front of their guests. I pride my service on creating a memorable dance for my clients, based on their personalities, stories and dance aspirations, whilst challenging them to push the boundaries of their expectations. Learning to dance with me isn’t just about the end result. The journey I’ll take you on will be one of joy, forever skills and memories, and discovery.”

The music and dance go hand in hand together for a first dance. As a Wedding DJ I’ve worked with Alison over the years – referring couples to each other: and if we’re working on the same wedding, we keep in communication to ensure I know if there are any specific cues for me during or before the first dance, or then to know what’s happening after the first dance – cues that the dance is near its end, or how long the dance will last so I know when to cue the next track that introduces a father daughter dance/ Groom and mother dance – or bring the guests on to the floor. Alison also gets more a feel for the couple’s style when she sees their playlist!

Think about starting your lessons ideally no less than 4 months in advance of the wedding – mainly because practice makes permanent – the bodies and minds have more time to comfortably understand this new way of moving and dancing together, and this will help to stave off the first dance nerves, to enjoy every step. That said, Alison has working with ‘Shotgun’ first dance couples and still produced the results!

She teaches a couple the basics in the style of dance that suits the first dance song (download her free Music & Dance Style Guide) as a basic package of three hours, and then the next package options offer more time with her. She usually spends 7-9 hours for choreographed dance lessons, depending on how adventurous, or chilled, the couple want their dance to be. Some couples have given her a list of songs they love – ‘let’s mash the songs into one track’ says Alison, and she or I edit the music for the couple to dance to a medley of songs if they can’t decide on one!

Alison teaches online, which has still worked well over the past year – giving clients a lockdown project to pass the time – and when she can teach in person lessons they will be socially distanced lessons with masks if that’s what the couples would prefer, adhering to government guidelines. She often meets her couples in their wedding venue – if not for all their lessons, for the final rehearsal when the venue permits, which gives the lesson a romantic and unique experience. Here’s Alison’s blog on why she recommends getting the final rehearsal in the wedding venue.

Alison also teaches Pilates and combines Pilates exercises with the dance lessons to improve posture, and if the couple wish, offers a fitness plan to help improve physical fitness and tone up for the wedding.

“We have thoroughly enjoyed learning how to dance from you. You have been an amazing teacher and in such a short space of time you achieved so much with us. In the lead up to the wedding, you created some amazing memories for us on our journey to getting married. You made it special and we cannot thank you enough for your time and dedication.” Rachel & Ben

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