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For your guests, a wedding day is all about the couple tying the knot, but for the soon to be married couple a lot of thought is put into making sure your guests are comfortable and have a fantastic time! Hertfordshire wedding DJ Mike Readings is here to help you ensure everyone has a wonderful day with these 10 guest comforts you should have at the top of your list.

Games or Activities

Not all your guests will know each other before your big day, so having some activities or games set up for your guests to get to know each other will always be a huge hit. An extravagant photo booth, or some simple lawn games, anything that entertains your guests whilst the photos are being taken are perfect.


Blankets or shawls are a must-have regardless of when your wedding is taking place, (even if your wedding is taking place indoors during the summer) you can bet the aircon setting will be too high for some of your guests. Set up a small stack for your guests to grab if needed, or a large stack if your wedding date is towards the end of the year.

Flip Flops / Slippers

Flip flops or slippers are a wonderful thing to offer your guests, especially those that have been on their feet at your wedding all day, or your party guests that will be tearing up the dancefloor for hours! Offer a range of sizes and put them near the dancefloor, at the toilet entrances, or at the venue door.

Autumn/Winter weather aids

Is your wedding taking place towards the latter part of the year? Trying to predict the weather can be hard, but alongside the blankets mentioned above, umbrellas can be overlooked for weddings that have an outside element – check to see if your venue offers some too!

Spring/Summer weather aids

There are a few simple comforts you can offer your guests that can really transform their enjoyment of your day. From sunglasses and fans to sun cream, making these small things available can help out any guests that forgot to pack them without breaking the bank. Novelty sunglasses can also double as a fun photo prop throughout your wedding day.

First Aid Kits

A small first aid kit would not only be unexpected but something helpful. You could provide blister plasters, small bug spray (if appropriate for your venue), headache tablets, antibacterial wipes or gel, and anything else that you think your guests could need.

Hangover Kits

Just like the first aid kits, a hangover kit for the late-night partiers will be unexpected but completely appreciated. Throw in some eye cooling masks, vitamin C tablets, chewing gum, or mini deodorants for the perfect morning after kit.


Try to have water and some form of snack available throughout your wedding day. The last thing you would want is guests feeling dehydrated, or becoming so hungry you can hear their stomach rumble.


Pop a basket in the venue bathrooms with all the essentials your guests could need, from deodorant to hair gel, to makeup wipes and hairbands. Offer what you think you would need after a whole day of celebrating, and keep your guests feeling fresh.

Taxi Lists

Provide all the information your guests need, including local taxi numbers for anyone who has left it last minute to sort out their ride home. You could even suggest other guests that are heading in the same direction to allow people to car share home!

These small thoughts won’t stretch your budget but will leave your guests feeling relaxed after celebrating with you all day. If you are looking to provide some fantastic wedding entertainment for your wedding day chat to wedding entertainer Mike Readings about how he can take your wedding to the next level!

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