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You can’t deny that social media plays a massive part in all our lives. When it comes to your wedding day you can go one of two ways, either by opting for an ‘unplugged’ wedding or by embracing social media and what it can do for your big day! From Snapchat filters to Instagram hashtags, Wedding DJ Mike Readings has some great tips for your wedding day social media.

Something you can do before the wedding is setting up a wedding or couple account on Instagram to document your planning process. From the suppliers you’ve picked to your engagement photos, having one place you can scroll through to see it all will not only be wonderful after your wedding day but can be enjoyable for your friends and family (especially any that can’t make it to your wedding).

If you are also looking to create a space to collect all your guest’s pictures you should set up an Instagram and Facebook hashtag for your wedding day. Make sure to pick something unique to make sure it doesn’t get clogged up with random photos not belonging to your wedding, however, be sure to choose a simple hashtag that everyone (including your drunk guests) can remember. Your guests will be sharing photos of your wedding day anyway, so why not personalise it and make your day even more memorable!

When deciding on a hashtag it’s good to let your guests know as early as possible by putting it on your invitation! If you are looking to build up some hype for your wedding day, start using it in the run-up to your big day by showing behind the scenes snippets of your wedding planning, or the decor. On the day, task your groomsmen with reminding everyone what the hashtag is, and perhaps even help out any relatives that are complete Instagram or Facebook novices. You could even create some boards to place around your venue with the hashtag as an easy visual reminder. It is also best at this point to have your groomsmen pass on any restrictions for social media, for instance, if you only want the photographer who you have paid good money for to take photos during the actual ceremony, or if you don’t want any photos of your dress shared until after the ceremony.

If you are looking to up your wedding social media game even further Snapchat filters are such a fun choice for your wedding day. You may think it will be hard to get some made, but it is actually quite simple, and something you can do directly in your app! A customised Snapchat lens or filter will give your wedding a unique personal touch that everyone will want to play with, allowing your guests to feel involved in your wedding day, even if they don’t have a specific role. Encourage your friends and family to save their snaps to their camera roll and share them with you the next day to make sure you don’t miss out on any of the fun.

As Snapchat filters and lenses can be created nearer to your wedding day, you are unlikely to have drawn attention to them in your invite, so ask your groomsmen to let everyone know about it, and put up the lens name around your venue for people to easily search for it.

Your evening reception is going to be the perfect time to get lots of fun photos of your wedding guests, so utilise this and ask your wedding DJ Mike Readings to give your hashtag or filter a shout-out. By hiring Mike you will even have a bonus option of projecting your hashtag or Snapchat filter name onto the wall!

No matter which route you go down for your wedding day, social media can help capture the moments that you may usually miss. From grandma having a boogie to Uncle Ken trying a shot for the first time! Share a couple of reminders of any hashtags or filters you are planning on using across your socials in the lead up to your Wedding day to ensure everyone has them in mind, and above all, relax and have fun!

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