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If you think there is only one option for the music across your wedding day, think again! DJ’s are not just for evening entertainment, as professional wedding DJ Mike Readings can show you with his new service!

Picture the scene, you have exchanged your vows, and are now husband and wife. You and your photographer head off to capture some beautiful moments around your venue, leaving your guests to celebrate and enjoy the drinks reception. However, the fact is, your guests will be celebrating with you for the entire day, from the ceremony to the drinks reception, and then to the wedding breakfast and beyond. So the question is, how do you get the reception just right to avoid your guests feeling flat or bored? You want it to keep them entertained, whilst creating a nice atmosphere for them to mingle as they wait for you to return. What would be better than something unexpected, unique, and not seen before?

Nothing creates a relaxed, summer vibe quite like the new service offered by Hertfordshire wedding DJ Mike Readings and saxophone player Dom!

These two elements work seamlessly together, adding an outstanding modern twist to your drinks reception. The saxophone blends beautifully with all kinds of music, such as house music, club classics, and everything in between. Wedding DJ Mike Readings has a wide repertoire of music, alongside years of experience, so he knows how to adapt on the fly to suit any wedding reception group.

Choosing this innovative, eclectic mix means you can tailor your day drinks to truly reflect who you are as a couple. Whether you are looking for a casual, laid back vibe that encourages people to chat alongside your ‘pimp your prosecco’ station, or if you want to get the party started early with a game of beer pong, you can’t go wrong with Mike and Dom providing the musical entertainment.

As a perfect pairing, Mike and Dom will take your drinks reception to the next level, creating an exclusive atmosphere that will WOW your guests and ensures they won’t be able to stop thinking about it once they go home! This elegant, unique service is the best of both worlds, ensuring even your more reserved guests will be entertained. Mike guarantees your guests will have a wonderful time, and will quickly be chatting and making friends in your absence. In fact, you will return from your photos to a fun energetic wedding party, who cannot wait to offer their kind words of congratulations.

Not ready for the fun, party ambiance to end? The service doesn’t have to be over just because the day drinks have ended, as you can hire Mike Readings and Dom to carry on into the evening reception. They will provide the energy that keeps your guests dancing long into the night, with a selection that will appeal to all your guests. By booking wedding DJ Mike Readings, and saxophonist Dom you will be making sure that your wedding day ends with a bang!

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