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Cutting your wedding cake is an exciting part of your wedding day, and a fantastic opportunity to get some stunning photos. By choosing Mike Readings as your wedding DJ you will ensure the cake cutting runs as smoothly as possible, guaranteeing those all-important photographs!

When to cut your wedding cake

Whilst the wedding cake we know of today may traditionally have been cut during the day reception, providing dessert to the wedding breakfast, it is now more commonly cut during the evening reception. Cutting your wedding cake after your evening guests arrive will mean more of your guests will get to see the cake you spent so much time choosing, as well as allowing all your guests to snap a picture!

A second plus to cutting your wedding cake during your evening wedding reception is that it leads wonderfully into your first dance as all your guests have already grouped, cameras at the ready. By choosing to follow your cake cutting with your first dance, the start of your evening reception will flow effortlessly. Simply chat to Mike Readings about your first dance song, and prepare to dance the night away once your cake has been cut (and photographed).

In fact, going straight into your first dance, allows the venue staff to take your cake away and cut it up for you and your guests, meaning it will come back out ready to be served not long after your first few dances.

Did you know what the cutting of the cake indicates the end of the formal part of your wedding? Many of your older or more traditional guests may be waiting for you to cut the cake before they head home to bed. Following this structure will mean they are able to grab a slice of cake before their Taxi arrives!

By having Mike Readings as your wedding DJ you can say goodbye to a lot of stress. Mike will put the call out to collect everyone and get them ready for the cutting of your wedding cake. He will then take control of directing everyone to flow over to witness your first dance, giving space for your cake to be moved and cut for you.

Wedding cake tips to help you

If you are wanting to cut a cake for tradition, or some wonderful photographs, but would prefer to serve something different from cake to your guests, cutting cakes are an option. A cutting cake is a small one-tier cake that offers a beautiful visual but doesn’t break the bank, or have cake go to waste.

Can’t decide on your cake flavour? Why not have different flavoured tiers, or consider a Groom’s cake. What is a Groom’s cake? A gift to the groom from his future spouse, and a great chance to offer a second flavour option to your main wedding cake.

Another wedding cake tip is to ask your cake maker where is the best place to cut your wedding cake. This will make sure you don’t collapse your cake when carrying out your first cut!

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